Career Profile

Over 20 years in the Software industry, mainly focused on scaleable web apps and SaaS products. 6+ years experience in senior leadership positions, with a skill and passion for building dynamic, effective teams.


Director, Software Development

2019 - Present
TravelClick (Amadeus Hospitality)

Oversee the technical planning, development and operational execution of the GMS (Guest Management System), a CRM, Loyalty and Email Marketing platform targeted at the hospitality industry.

Major projects include a migration from on-premise to hybrid-cloud model include on-premise and public cloud kubernetes, compute, email delivery and other services.

VP Engineering

2018 - 2019
HyAlto (a Wesley Clover company)

Responsible for all aspects of software development, architecture and feature planning.

Implemented new SDLC process and policies effecting a 40% reduction in incoming bug volume, and reducing bug backlog by over 60%.

Migrated platform to Kubernetes on AWS, and in combination with other AWS services effected a 4x increase in capacity while reducing infrastructure costs 25%, improving API response time and greatly increasing uptime and overall system stability.

Senior Engineering Manager

2017 - 2018

Managed the migration of the Wufoo engineering team from San Mateo to Ottawa - placing the San Mateo employees on new teams in the company, and hiring the Ottawa team from scratch.

Planned and implemented the rebuild of Wufoo, a SurveyMonkey portfolio product that received 250M hits / month, as a response to stagnant growth. With the rebuild in full-swing, growth increased from 2% YoY to 13.5% YoY by the time of my departure.

The Ottawa-based Wufoo team was consistently recognized as one of the highest-performing teams in the company - many processes, practices and technologies implemented with Wufoo were later adopted company-wide.

Patrick is among the best engineers I ever worked with. Not only does he have a large depth of knowledge on essentially every topic, he is also very forward thinking - always keeping up with better ways to do things and pushing us all to be better. In my opinion, as strong as his engineering skills are, its rivalled by his ability to build and manage strong teams. In just a short time he managed to build one of the best teams I’ve seen. A team that’s not only focused and work together so well, but work so productively in which most teams only hope to emulate. On top of that, he is incredibly popular around the office and throughout the company. He is a mentor to many people, some telling me personally of their wish to be mentored by him as he made us all better. He is also always involved in the community inside the office and the engineering community within the city and beyond. If you’re a forward thinking company, looking to move quickly, be very productive, and push the boundaries in engineering I would highly recommend trying to convince Patrick to join your team.

  • Andrew Kandalaft, Senior Software Engineer, SurveyMonkey

Director of Engineering

2013 - 2017
Intouch Insight Inc.

Executed upon a strategic shift from technology-enabled services to SaaS platform, including a revamp of the existing product suite, launch several new SaaS offerings and moving the entire infrastructure to the public cloud. The new platform and products are used by several Fortune 500 companies to this day.


PHP New Relic package
Over 1,000,000 installs!
A namespaced PHP wrapper for New Relic APM.
Laravel New Relic package
A Laravel package to integrate New Relic APM.

Skills & Proficiency

Python (Flask, Pyramid)

PHP (Laravel)

Amazon Web Services

MySQL / MariaDB



Java (Spring)


Google Cloud